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Chocolate Porter altered Robust Porter

Specifications ---------------- Recipe
Batch Size (L): 23.0
Grain Total (kg): 5,850
Total Hops (g): 70.00
OG (OG): 1,056 (° P) 13.8
Final gravity (FG): 1,014 (° P): 3.6
Like alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.50%
color (SRM): 44.1 (EBC): 86.9
Bitterness (IBU): 26.5 (Tinseth)
Brewhouse Efficiency (%): 75
boil time (minutes): 60

Grain Bill ----------------
4,400 kg 2-Row pale (75.21%)
0,650 kg Caramel / 120L crystal (11.11%)
0,500 kg of black patent (8.55%)
0.200 kg Carapils (dextrin) (3:42%)
0.100 kg of chocolate (1.71%)

Hop Bill ----------- -----
40.0 g East Kent Goldings Leaf (5% alpha) @ 60 minutes (boiling) (1.7 g / L)
30.0 g Fuggles Leaf (5.7% Alpha) @ 15 minutes (boil ) (1.3 g / L)

Various Bill ----------------
250.0 g cocoa powder @ 0 minutes (Boil)
Infusion single step at 66 ° C for 60 minutes.
Fermentation at 20 ° C with Safale S-04

Notes ----------------
og 1,060 80% efficiency
slurry 66c
1 hours boil
75c crush out for 10 minutes
yeast launched to 24c

generated recipe with BrewMate

put this on Saturday morning .. an attempt something different
and a good weather day problem free beer .. reached a 1,060 og ever more efficient with my cereal, although i think i made ​​a schoolboy error with the dust cocoa, it was more or less according to a recipe / method brewers as a friend, and added the chocolate powder to the end of the boil

checked the PV last night when I got home ... a bit 'worse for wear and could see fermention had started well and krousen format, but I noticed this morning that there was krousen but the fermenting wort furiosly .. much like you see with wine.

a bit 'I worried I did a little' of reading on- line and it seems that this is because I did not put the powder in the beginning of boiling oils from cocoa powder used to stop a krousen forming and can also cause me problems with head retention.

has anyone had any experience with this? .. Theres a lot of special malts and I added carapils to improve head retention iam so hoping once deleted ill get away .. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Also ive used my new inkbird as a thermometer mush in my Las 2 beers and found it very useful .. I can only set the temperature to 70C strike on inkbird and wander measuring grain ect without worrying about itl boiler cut off at 70c, makes things less hectic as another element of the day I can beer make and forget .. tool .. even the 2nd element I mounted to the boiler comes into its own .. very fast to get to crush outside temperature and loads faster to get to a boil, then I turn one the elements out, I'm sure that puts a lot less stress on the elements too as you do not run all the time



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Ma Marina di cognome farà  Alcohlox. ;)  :rofl:

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